Studio Policies

Twinkle Star 3/4 & Twinkle Star 4/5 class is allowed one parent in the waiting area while social distancing. No siblings or other family members are allowed. Each chair will be spaced and can not be moved. Mask must be worn at all times. Once parents have left the room, our waiting area will be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly.

  • All other classes, your dancer will be signed in by our front desk staff downstairs at our side entrance and escorted to Studio A. No one will be allowed upstairs.
  • All staff and dancers entering our building must have a mask on.
  • Temperatures will be taken upon arrival and hands sanitized.
  • All dancers hands will be sanitized when exiting our building.

If your child has more than one class, they will remain in Studio A along with their belongings at all times.

  • If your child has to go to the bathroom, they will be escorted by an assistant always. The assistant will open the door, and wait outside the bathroom door.
  • Your child will never be left alone.
  • We will be installing a new alarm system and locks for our doors before the opening of our new dance season.
  • Your child safety is our number one priority. We will provide a safe haven for your dancer. At this time we are the only business operating in our building, therefore our front entrance will be locked.

Rest assured that we will maintain a high level of safety for your dancer.


  • Support and encourage fellow dancers
  • Be on time
  • No hands on hips
  • Watch body language and the message you send out into the world
  • No talking during class
  • Show your appreciation and respect by clapping and thanking your instructor after every class

In addition to saving dance parents time and money, the dress code:

  1. Helps a young dancer understand they are going to a structured class (compared to unstructured playtime).
  2. Ensures that the clothing is not a distraction during class.
  3. Ensures that the dancer is appropriately dressed to be necessarily covered.
  4. Ensures that each dancer has the same brand, style and color of shoes and tights for on stage performances. The EDS Dress Code is mandatory; however several times per season during parent observation days, dancers may wear whatever they choose to class.