Character & Historical Dances

Historical & Character DanceCHARACTER DANCES
National character and image of Character Dances in classical ballets remained authentic. They retained the mood and color necessary for the development of the plot of the play. At the end of the 19th century was created the class of Character Dances, later approved as an academic discipline in the State Professional Vaganova Ballet Academy, where various movements of folk dance were performed in the strict framework of the school of classical dance.

In ballet art, many performances on national themes appeared, where each episode was permeated with national color and alternated and so Classical dance was enriched with Character Dance, having mastered some of his expressive means. At the same time the concept of these dances expanded to include the original meaning – dance in the image, it can become a means of disclosing the image, creating the whole performance, being often the engine of the plot

In almost all classical ballet productions, there are characteristic dances: Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, etc. (“Swan Lake”, “Nutcracker”, etc.) Sometimes the whole Ballet Performances are based on them, such as “Don Quixote”.

Historical dances – a common name for dance compositions of past eras, which are successfully performed in the present. They fully reflect the historical features of the area in which they originated. This is due to the culture of the peoples that created them: music, dancing clothes, religious rites, games and labor processes. The influence of everyday dance on contemporary stage choreography is immense, shows the stylistic features of performances of different eras. A number of dances, having disappeared forever from the salons, gained new life in the ballet theater: Menuet, Polones, Shakon, Pavan, etc.

The Historical Dances of the 15th-17th centuries have become the basis for the emergence and development of the current Classic Ballet: movements, manner, clothes, many dance rules, etiquette, terminology, etc…