Q: Is there a dress code at Ellis Dance Studios?
A: Yes. Ellis Dance Studios requires uniformity for our students. They are required to wear certain colors of leotards and tights depending on the classes they are enrolled in. NOTE: Hip Hop does not have a required dress code although we recommend comfortable, loose and modest attire with a pair of sneakers used only for dance.

Q: Why is there a dress code at Ellis Dance Studios?
A: 1. The simple leotard, tights, and Twinkle Star tutu outfits make it possible for the instructors to see the dancer’s bodies so they can make the proper corrections.
2. Like Karate, the different colors represent growth to the next level of dance which give dancers a goal they can strive to attain.
3. Young dancers are often distracted by their own dance wear. Large skirts and/or tutus become the dancer’s focus instead of the instructor.
4. Learning to dance and work together as a team can be more easily achieved by uniformity and this will remove the distraction of different dance wear. It also creates a sense od team spirit.
5. Instructors are able to choreograph dances more effectively when the dancers are dressed the same.

Q: How do I know what to buy for my dancer and where do I purchase them?
A: Visit our Costume/Dance Apparel Page. We use Costume Manager products so you also have an option to call them directly at 1-877-632-6234 and they will take your order over the phone. We offer wholesale prices so you will also have a savings by purchasing your dancers items from us.

Q: If I order online from your store CostumeManager.com and something doesn’t fit right, what do I do?
A: You can call costume manager directly at 1-877-632-6234 and make arrangement with them.

Q: I have more questions… who can I talk to?
A: If you cannot find the answer to your question on this page, visit our Bulletin Board Page or feel free to call the studio at 973.320.2371 or EMAIL US. You can also submit your question(s) using our EMAIL FORM.


Q: What are the dates of your dance season?
A: We are as all year round studio. Our season starts the first Monday of September to the last Saturday of august the following year (Note: Exact dates may vary based on the calendar year).

Q: What about the summer months?
A: Our regular dance season offers the same classes right through the summer. (June, July and Aug). We also offer “Frozen Dance Camp” (ages 3-6) for two weeks in July and Intensive Dance Workshop (ages 6-15) for two weeks in August.

Q: What if my dancer does not want to go to dancing school in the summer?
A: It’s so valuable for dancers to take classes in the summer because we only work on skills. We call it “Drill the Skills”! During the summer vacation months our dancers are more relaxed and in a more creative, fun, learning mode. It has been proven that this is a good time to introduce new skills and experiences in general. 


Summer is when children have less responsibility so they are in a season of refreshing and are more open to new experiences. We maximize on that concept to challenge our dancers to improve their dance skills. We spend one on one time working on the skills they personally have a challenge in. We bring in special guest teachers who are highly skilled and give our students an opportunity to work with them one on one in class and the kids love it! So it is a lot of fun!

Q: What makes this different than during the Fall season of dance?
A: The children are more relaxed. We also blend more fun into the classes since it is there summer vacation! Though we still incorporate structure, there is some down time for more personal creativity.

Q: My dancer prefers not to have to work in the Summer?
A: Well we can surely understand that but let your dancer know that there will be a lot of fun. They will also have an opportunity to focus on those skills they personally need help with. We have a party at the end of the summer.

Q: Are you saying that my child will be behind if they don’t take Summer classes?
A: No, our skill are practiced all year long along with dance choreography. Dancers need to learn the skills and then learn how to apply them to dance! Some children do well in the skills and have difficulty doing skills to music in certain sequence order. There is memory involved, balance and overall coordination. However practice makes perfect and each child is given the opportunity to mature in their skills because that is our only focus. Each child learns at a different pace. The summer is a great time for intense “DRILLING THE SKILLS”! That is why athletes go to sports camps to practice skills with intensity. Yet they still practice all year long. We are so excited to see the progression of your little dancers. This will increase their dance education and confidence a great deal. There is nothing they can’t do, if they practice and believe!

Q: What is the amount of tuition for your classes?
A: Our 30 minutes classes are $62 (Those are just mommy and me classes). Our 45 minutes to 1 hour classes are $71 (Those are all our other classes). We also charge a $45 registration fee at the beginning of each new yearly session (September).

Q: So what do I have to pay for my dancer when I first register her each new season?
A: The registration fee of $45 and the first and last month tuition. (September and of the following August) for a total of $187. If you dancer takes more than one class per season your cost per class drops to $64 per class.

Q: What if we are away for the summer, what happens to my last month’s tuition that I paid?
A: If you don’t attend in august we will apply that month tuition to the next month you attend. There are no refunds for August tuition.

Q: What if I don’t take any regular summer classes. Only summer camp or Summer Intensive Workshop?
A: You will be charged for the classes you take and August tuition will be applied to your next regular month tuition which will be September 2016.